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Photo Galleries

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2018 John Waters of the Niangua
2017 Rocky Horror Pridefloat
2016 Fractured Fairy Tales
2015 Pridefloat Circus
2014 Making Waves for 30 Years (first group 1984)
2013 21st Anniversary ("Pridefloat" since 1992)
2012 I Love a Good Paddling
2011 Roman Holiday
2010 Super Heroes Weekend
2009 Nightmare on the Niangua
2008 Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves
2007 The Wild, Wild West
2006 Niangua Valley PTA
2005 What Would Martha Do?
2004 Pirates of the Niangua
Fall 2003 (Buffalo River, AR)
The Prom You Wish You Had
Fall 2002 (Onondaga Cave State Park)
2002 Pridefloat Survivor
Fall 2001 (Buffalo River, AR)
2001 (Gilligan's Island?)
2000 (Emerald City?)
1999 (Anyone remember the theme?)
Pre-1999 (NRO Flood)