Pridefloat Policies

  • Pridefloat reserves the right to refuse any single entry or group of entries for any reason. Pridefloat is not open to the general public. We are a social club with behavioral guidelines. We are not a business or a registered Not-For-Profit and can refuse any entry at any time as we deem necessary.
  • It is important that you read these policies carefully and thoughtfully before you download the entry form at the bottom of this form. Ignorance of our policies is not an excuse for not following them. Please understand that we want uniform expectations so that every participant has a good time and that there are not any surprises on anyone's part. 
  • You must be 21 years of age or older to attend this event. We reserve the right to refuse admittance if proper ID cannot be provided upon request. 
  • Selling your entry to a Third Party is not acceptable and the entry will be rejected upon arrival. We may request ID when registering. If your entry form does not match your ID you will be asked to leave.
  • All refunds, changes, additions, and transfers must be completed 10 days prior to the event.
  • EACH person participating in Pridefloat must sign a WAIVER (on the bottom of the entry form) that releases the organizers of Pridefloat and the contracted outfitters from all liability of losses due to theft, accidental injuries, or drowning.
  • Check or Money Orders only. If your check bounces so do you.
  • WALK-INS are not accepted. Pridefloat is a pre-registration event. No exceptions.
  • QUIET HOURS FROM 11:00 PM to 8AM means music must be OFF after 11:00.  This is campground policy – not ours – so we are bound to honor it.
  • Inverters and generators are NOT the same thing. Inverters are much quieter. Loud generators have been the subject of many a complaint over the years, so we have adopted the following in response to those complaints:

            GENERATORS OVER 80 DECIBELS:  (Really loud units)   NOT ALLOWED at Pridefloat.
            MOTOR HOMES & CAMPER UNITS:       8am to 7:00pm
            INVERTER UNITS – UNLIMITED HOURS because they are quiet.     

  • VISITORS - No visitors at any time will be allowed at Pridefloat.
  • RAFTS No pets allowed in any raft. If you plan on taking your pet on the river, you must float in a canoe - no exceptions.
  • CAMPING is on a first come – first serve basis. Save space for your friends by bringing their tent and setting it up early. There are NO hook-ups of any kind at Pridefloat. We camp in a primitive open area. All Pridefloat participants must camp in our designated, gated area.
  • ALL PARTICIPANTS pay the basic entry fee of  $50 REGARDLESS of arrival time. The basic entry fee will also apply to persons bringing their own canoe / raft / kayak . Pridefloat will pay for all hauling charges of your craft.
  • CAMP DADDY INFORMATION TENT – Please check-in with the Pridefloat Camp Daddies as soon as possible after arrival. Times when the tent will be manned will be posted for your convenience.
  • DRUGS do NOT belong at Pridefloat! Leave your cocaine, mushrooms, meth, and anything that might jeopardize the future of this event at home! Drug dazed individuals run the risk of having their application rejected for the following year or being asked to leave.
  • DISRUPTIVE individuals who are asked to leave Pridefloat may be removed by law enforcement if necessary, and will NOT receive a refund of any kind, and will not be allowed to return for a period of at least 1 year following the incident.
  • SQUABBLES & MINOR SCUFFLES – Pridefloat Camp Daddies cannot be expected to take sides in these incidents. Of course, major incidents will be dealt with appropriately, but minor incidents and scuffles must be resolved between the 2 parties.
  • EARLY ARRIVALS will be charged a camping fee based on per person per night payable to the campground owners when you stop to register your vehicle. DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE MONDAY @ 1:00 pm!!! Your basic entry covers camping costs for dates listed on entry form only.
  • YOUR PHOTOGRAPH will probably be taken during Pridefloat. Many pictures are posted on our Website each year. If you discover that your picture is on our Website and you want it removed, a simple request is all that is needed to get it removed.  Remember that you did sign a waiver which included your permission to use your photograph in/on promotional venues and our website.
  • PETS: Well-behaved pets are welcome. However, if your dog constantly barks or is aggressive, do not bring it. You will also be expected to clean up any doggie poop from your animal.
  • FUNDRAISING activities for legitimate organizations may be allowed. Please get prior approval before proceeding.
  • VENDORS are welcome at Pridefloat. You bring all of your own display needs – including electrical needs. You are responsible for any applicable taxes or licenses which may be required by state or local authorities.
  • FIREWORKS and firearms, weapons, and ammunition are strictly forbidden on the property.
  • If we do float as a group, and you decide not to float with us, no discount will be made to you.
  • Full refunds are available to individuals cancelling at least TEN (10) days prior to the event. To receive a full refund in advance, please contact :
  • Please pick up your FREE T-shirt upon arrival. Shirts will NOT be mailed to you after the event if you 'forget' to pick it up.
  • If for any reason, we, as a group, cannot float due to circumstances beyond our control, we will refund $20.00 per person upon request. All requests must be hand written (no copies) and sent to:  
    PRIDEFLOAT    PO Box 15205  Kansas city  MO  64106
  • The Camp Daddies organize and run the event as a labor of love so thank them if you get an opportunity! They are all volunteers. Some of the costs that are not obvious to participants include the beer for the free beer bust, ice for the beer, your free T-Shirts, other souvenirs, security at the gate on Friday and Saturday evenings, web-server and website updates, DJ compensation, misc. office supplies and mailing expenses. ALL money is returned to the event in one form or another

Pridefloat is not affiliated with any Pride Organization in any town, city, or other state.