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About Us

Once known as the 'Show Me Pridefloat Trip' (until 2001), Pridefloat was started in 1985 by the founding father Jeff Williams and a small group of friends. In 1992 a tradition of different themed shirts was created Jeff and his partner Ron had their Holy Union at the festive event.

In 1996,Pridefloat changed leadership to Jeff Brown who had help from Monty Lemrick and Owen Gilchrist. The first website for this event launched in 1998 on AOL. Jeff ran Pridefloat from 1996-2014 when he had wanted to spend more of his summers with his partner, some of the Camp daddies (volunteers that help maintain order) Greg B., his partner Dan R., Owen G., and his partner Ron P., John C and Kenton Wilcox. took over Pridefloat starting in 2014.

Camp daddies

The Camp Daddies organize and run the event as a labor of love so thank them if you get an opportunity! They are all volunteers, Some of the costs that are not obvious to participants include the beer for the free beer bust, ice for the beer, your free t-shirts, other souvenirs, security at the gate on Friday and Saturday evenings, webserver and website updates, DJ compensation, misc. office supplies and mailing expenses. ALL money is returned to the event in one form or another.

Camp daddy information tents: Please check-in with the Pridefloat Camp Daddies as soon as possible after arrival. Times when the tent will be manned will be posted for your convenience.

What is Pridefloat?

Pridefloat is located near Lebanon Missouri and is held on the SECOND WEEKND AFTER MEMORIAL DAY EVERY YEAR. Pridefloat is  up to five days and four nights of camping, with this everyone brings their own camping equipment and food. Tents and small pop-ups are encouraged over the R.V's as our space is limited, a free T-Shirt is different each year, free wristband, a FREE Beer Bust Saturday evening, and floatind down the river on Sunday in your choice of canoe, raft, or kayak for the low price of $50.00 per person! DO NOT NOT - REPEAT-DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 1:00 PM ON MONDAY!! If you arrive before camping Thursday, you will be charged an additional fee based on per person per night for camping. These fees will be collected by the Capground owners upon arrival when you stop to register your vehicle at their General Store. Your $50.00 entry fee reserves you a Sunday float, not a Saturday one. EVERY PERSON THAT CAMPS WITH US PAYS THE $50.00 FLAT FEE. THERE ARE NO DISCOUNTS FOR LATE ARRIVALS OR NOT WANTING TO FLOAT WITH US.

We operate on a reservation systems ONLY. Registration for Pridefloat will close 3 weeks prior to the event every year. That means your entry form must be POSTMARKED 23 weeks prior. Late entries will be returned to the sender and not accepted. WALK-INS ARE NOT ALLOWED. We no longer have to limit our event to 450 people.

Saturday fun day starts at 10:00 am those who are interested in riding the zip-line takes about 2 hours to complete. We go to the River at 1:00 pm. The free Beer Bust and DJ starts at 3:00 pm.

Sunday at 9:30 am busses will roll in to take everyone on the float trip. The total float is 14 miles WEAR YOUR WRISTBAND. Pridefloat is not affiliated with any Pride Organization in any town, city, or other state.

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