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These are some of the bigger activities that Pridefloat has to offer.  Fundraising activities for legitimate organizations may be allowed but we do ask that you ask for prior approval before proceeding.

Vendors are welcome, you must bring all of your own display needs - electrical needs. You are responsible for any applicable taxes or licenses which may be required by state or local authorities.

Float trip: this is one of the main events that we have, we do ask that every individuals involved are respectful and considerate of the other campers that will also be at the camp during this period of time.
Zip-line: we do ask that everyone is safe and in doing so we ask everyone to fill out all forms and pay attention to any and all safety *procedures that will be shown.
Camping: we understand that people may or may not choose to read our policies however they are in place to keep everyone safe, in doing so we do ask that those who're involved with this event make sure to carefully read over the policies as they will also hold instructions on the campsite rules for holding spots as well as if you were to forget items for camping.
Beer Bust: We do have a policy on those being involved with this event being over the age of 21 for legal reasons, with this we do ask that individuals that are drinking be sure to know your limit and be mindful of those around you. We understand wanting to have fun but we also want to keep everyone safe. In doing so we do have officials that will qualified to handle any person(s) who are unable to control themselves. 
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