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Please read through all of these policies before registering. Since Pridefloat's founding, in 1985, and in the thirty years we have been at Niangua River Oasis, we have had tremendous success policing ourselves which is part of why everyone has such a good time and why we have such a great relationship with the campground owners and with local law enforcement.

  • Pridefloat reserves the right to refuse any single entry or group of entries for any reason. Pridefloat is a private event on private property, and we can refuse any entry at any time.

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to attend this event. We reserve the right to demand proof of age.

  • Transferring your entry to a third party without our authorization is not acceptable.


  • If for any reason, Pridefloat cannot float due to circumstances beyond our control, we will refund $20.00 per person upon request. All requests must be sent to the Pridefloat PO Box.

  • Each participant must sign a waiver that releases the organizers of Pridefloat and the contracted outfitters from all liability of losses due to theft, accidental injuries, or drowning.

  • Please check in with the Camp Daddies as soon as possible after arrival. Times when the registration tent will be manned will be posted for your convenience.

  • Walk-ins are allowed (though not encouraged). Walk-ins must check in at the main store of the campground and wait there for clearance from the Camp Daddies. Walk-ins should understand that their late arrival means they will not receive a T-shirt.

  • Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm-8:00 am. This is NRO's (Niangua River Oasis) policy.

  • Generators and inverters are allowed on site, but we hope to keep noise at a minimum. Units that run under 80 decibels can run through the night. Foam insulation panels make excellent noise dampers. The Camp Daddies can help guide those who require generators (i.e. for medical reasons) and those who want quiet camping (such as tent campers) to appropriate spots in the campground. 

  • Ours is a private event for registered guests. No non-registered friends from other locations will be allowed.

  • Quiet and well-behaved pets are welcome at Pridefloat, but noisy or aggressive animals are not. Additionally, pet owners are expected to clean up after their pets. NRO policy prohibits pets in rafts; if you plan on taking your pet on the river, you must float in a canoe.

  • As a reminder: the registration fee is the same regardless of the night of arrival, and whether or not you choose to camp with us.

  • Local law enforcement is at hand. We have an excellent relationship with them and will rely on them if necessary to remove individuals who disrupt our sense of peace and safety. No refunds will be given to those thus removed. (We've only had to do this once in more than thirty years.)

  • Pridefloat participants are expected to follow all laws, including with regard to illegal drugs.

  • Your photograph will likely be taken during Pridefloat. Many pictures are posted on our Website each year. If you discover that your picture is on our website and you want it removed, please feel free to let us know.

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