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Campground Info

When checking in the campground does have a convenience store on site (this is for anyone who forgets are need some of the essentials for camping.)  However, you are not too far away from civilization. The two bathrooms/shower houses have flush toilets with free hot showers and electrical outlets for shavers and hair dryers. There is also a General Store for ice, beer, firewood, and limited food. There is a restaurant on the property that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Lebanon MO is 25 minutes away and you will find necessary camping supplies there. The nearest motel is Sand Springs Resort which is 10 minutes from the campground. The campground is gay-friendly and takes good care of our "special" group. We have been going there for many years now and have created a great relationship. We camp in a very private, gated, and secluded area away from their regular campers. 


  • The camp is first-come/first choice.

  • There are not designated spots to camp.

  • You can not rope-off camp areas to reserve them for your friends; however you can set up their tents for them to reserve their spots.

  • Tents and small pop-ups are encouraged over the large R.V. motor homes.

If you have a medical need for air-conditioning. we suggest you look into renting a motor home, or an area motel room. Motor homes with loud generating units will be asked to turn off their generator at 7:00 pm every evening. Again, if this will be problem for you, we suggest you look into renting an area motel room!​

This is an issue of respect and consideration of your camping neighbors who do not come to Pridefloat to loud generators all weekend long.

The river is very refreshing on a hot day, However, the campground owners have asked us to NOT COME TO THE RIVER ON SATURDAY UNTIL AFTER 1:00 PM because of the congestion in the area. They are trying to run a business getting canoes and raft in and out of the river. Friday and Saturday usually finds a group of us in the river all day drinking, socializing, and swimming.

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