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Welcome to Pridefloat

     Welcome to Pridefloat the 5 day float trip for the over 21 pride community. Pridefloat is a group of gay guys and gals from all over the Midwest camping together for 5 days and 4 nights having a good time.  For the past 5 years we've had 15 different states be represented! And we would love to see many new faces every year. 

     Each year we have a blast making new friends and seeing old ones again. Pridefloat is open to gay men, women, couples, singles, and gay friendly Heterosexuals. Pridefloat is one place where gay men and women can get to know each other, to understand and appreciate our differences, and to have fun together. We feel there is not enough events that incorporate gay men and women together as equals.

We do ask you read through all of the policies as individuals and/or groups that do not abide by them will be escorted off the premises.

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