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Welcome to Pridefloat

For over thirty years, Pridefloat has met each summer for several nights of rustic camping and a one-day float down one of the Ozark's most popular and scenic rivers. We are a private event for LGBTQIA+ people and their allies, meeting safely at a privately owned campground, on land set aside just for us, in a welcoming environment.

Our event is the second weekend after Memorial Day each year: the Sunday float (your choice of canoe, kayak, or raft with up to six people), is included, as NRO (Niangua River Oasis) includes camping from Thursday prior until Monday, the day after (the registration fee is the same regardless of when you arrive and whether your camp at all). Some campers arrive as early as the Monday before the event, but the campground charges additionally for each night, and the camping area is not reserved as exclusively ours until Thursday. The additional camping fees are collected at the general store at the entrance to the campground, where all campers, regardless of arrival time, must check in to assure their forms are correct and to receive their vehicle hangtag.

The camping is primitive: there are no electrical hookups or running water (the campground facility does have shower houses a short distance from our campground), and we make do with port-a-potties, so it is necessary for campers to bring their own water and, if necessary, a generator. We have plenty of room, and folks bring big fancy campers, pop-ups, and traditional tents. there is one steep hill campers must descend (and ascend) to access and leave the campground, and the ground is rather rocky, so please plan your camping accordingly. Additionally, all campers must be twenty-one years of age or older. This is not an event for children.

Each year, we select a theme, and part of the festivities include a Saturday-evening beer bust and dance party. Our campers have provided entertainment as well, which have in the past included setting up dance floors, full bars, drag shows, foam parties, movie watch parties, bingo, and other game nights. You are welcome to contribute according to your means and abilities. Or just come as you are!

Please see other pages for information regarding this year's theme, policies, directions, and so on.

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